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Build Your House - Your Way

Choose from a variety of build methods from traditional blockwork construction to highly insulated, digitally fabricated timber frames. 



Home Manufacturer

Choose a Home Manufacturer to work with to build your house.  Home Manufacturers build houses in a way that takes advantage of small scale manufacturing techniques. They typically can give a high degree of cost and quality certainty from an early stage.  They are a perfect choice if you want a one stop shop solution. 

Traditional Builder

You may want to work with a more conventional builder to construct your home.  You will likely require an architect and an engineer to draw up the detailed plans and then help oversee the work.  You can adjust the construction technique and design to suit their preferred build method and help keep costs down.

Self Build

Build the house yourself.  This is an extremely rewarding process for those that have the skill, time and patience to make it work.  Either build the house with your own hands or manage a set of subcontractors.  





Home Manufacturers and Builders



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